19 October 2014

Wisconsin Cheese Soup

Paula A. Tomey-Allen

2 Cans Carnation Evaporated Milk

½ of 32 oz. box of Velveeta Cheese, cubed
2 Cans Water

½ Stick Butter, cubed
½ C. Celery, chopped
½ C. Carrots, chopped
½ C. Onion, chopped or, 1 T. Dried Onion Flakes

1 tsp. Dried Parsley Flakes
½ tsp. Paprika
2 tsp. Chicken Bouillon Granules

2 T. Flour or Cornstarch
½ C. Water to dissolve and make a liquid paste (Use hot water with flour and cold water with cornstarch) Add more if needed to make it smooth consistency.

Shake and then pour canned milk into quart pitcher and set aside.

Place cubed cheese into microwave safe container. Will be VERY hot! Best to use microwavable pitcher with handle and pouring spout. Add one can of hot water. Cover and microwave on high for two minutes. Stir. Alternate cooking and stirring in two minute intervals until cheese is melted and blended. Set aside.

Melt butter in non-stick deep kettle. Add chopped Celery, Carrots and Onions. If you use Dried Onions, hold until later. Saute vegetables and butter on low heat until almost tender, stirring constantly to prevent sticking to bottom of pan.

Add melted cheese mixture and all other ingredients except for flour or cornstarch and water. Slowly stir together. Turn down heat to very low simmer.

In small bowl mix together flour or cornstarch and water. Slowly stir into soup and stir until it thickens slightly.

Garnish as you like with chives, popcorn, bacon bits, etc.

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