02 February 2010

Recipe: Type II Diabetic Diet

Several years ago, I ran across this diet in a natural healing book. I can't remember the name of the book to give credit. I decided to follow it due to the fact that I had Type II Diabetes, along with Congested Heart Failure. I followed it pretty faithfully and lost 40 pounds that I never gained back. I went off the diet for several years and now recently my sister asked for a copy and we are trying it together. 
It is not easy and is not for everyone. You may need to adjust to your needs - NOT wants and desires. Those are the things that get us into trouble.
Stock up on Sugar free Jello. It will become your best friend. I love black Cherry. When you make it, pour into individual serving containers.
Boil some eggs and keep a bowl in the fridge. Great for instant protein when you are running behind with breakfast or other meals.
As with all diets, consult with your doctor. They know what is best for you.

Type II Diabetic Diet
Diet Requirements During Weight Loss Period
Approx 3 weeks - After 3 weeks adjust diet accordingly
MUST! *64 Oz of water throughout each day*

Sugar-free Beverage of Choice
Egg or Egg Substitute, not cooked in oil or butter
Sugar Free Canned Fruit or Fresh Fruit
Low Sodium Bouillion of Choice

Sugar-free Beverage of Choice
4 oz. Protein
Sugar Free Canned Fruit or Fresh Fruit
Sugar Free Jello

Sugar Free Canned Fruit or Fresh Fruit

Sugar-free Beverage of Choice
5 oz. Protein (Red Meat 1x week – Stress Fish and Poultry)
Low Sodium Bouillion of Choice
Sugar Free Jello

Daily Summary:
9 oz. Protein   2 Sugar-Free Fruit   Sugar-Free Jello
1 Egg or Egg Substitute   1 C. Vegetables   Salad w/Low Cal Dressing

*Very important to drink 64 oz. / 2 quarts of water everyday.*

Take 1000 iu of Vit C and E daily.

After first week start walking each day. 

No bread or other starches during the weight loss period. Add gradually after this period.

Make sure you take all medications as prescribed!
Check your blood sugar as prescribed by your doctor.

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